If you are reading this then it’s probably safe to say you are interested in porn. Us too! Keep reading to find out who we are and what we do.

What is pornpasswords.co?

Pornpasswords.co is a website dedicated to providing you with free, working porn passwords. We crawl multiple public sources and find porn accounts adding them to our database on a daily basis.


It all started when we were looking for an old video that was locked behind a paywall. It was a classic, one of those you spent hours downloading from P2P software in the old days of dialup. They just stick in your memory and you want to feel that nostalgic experience when you first fapped to it as a teenager.

After hours of searching and trying to remember everything about it, we finally found the website the video belonged to. Of course, it was behind a pricey paywall on an old defunct website. First we tried the free sources, Pornhub, Google, torrents, no luck. Then we remembered, what about porn passwords? We remember them from the old days.

We start searching for passwords to that porn site. Link after link we were greeted to promises of free accounts. We go through all of the adf.ly links, sometimes as many as 10 in a row, complete the captchas and then get to a text file which tells us to follow more links to get the passwords. After all of this we finally get there… and the passwords are fake or dont work.

Frustrated with the quality of these sites and the loops you go through, we thought we can do better than this. After some time we found the best sources with working porn passwords and started creating pornpasswords.co. Helping you to find what you want quickly and freely without any of the hassle.


We do not crack any accounts ourselves and we will not carry out any request to do so. All of the passwords we store are freely available from other websites on the internet. We cannot guarantee that all of them work but we do our best to filter out the junk so you dont have to.


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