Who Is Lena Loch?

So if you don’t know who is Lena Loch then probably you are new to public sex. She is one of the hottest blonde German sluts that just loves to get fucked in public. Walking with sperm on her face and showing off her hot messy cum filled face to strangers in public is what she does best.

When she is not walking the streets with cum on her face, you will find her taking a nice cock smashing her sweet pussy. All the time while begging for cum in her native German language. Even to a non-German speaker you can tell she is enjoying every second of getting pounded. The way she works her tongue not only on the dick but in your ears just adds to the pleasure and will make you blow your load so hard.

Lena Loch Public Cum On Face

Public Sex & Sperm Walks

Lena Loch has no reservations and fucks almost anywhere. From having sex on trains and buses to fucking in Burger King. Sometimes she even brings friends along to join in! After taking a giant load covering her face she is not afraid to walk around in the streets and show everyone her pretty blonde face dripping in fresh cum.

Lena Loch – Sperm Walk

Where Can I Find Lena Loch?

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