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Automated Account Cracking With Sentry MBA

Sentry MBA is one of the most popular automated account cracking tools used by hackers/crackers to find and take over accounts on popular websites. Within a few seconds and a click of a button you can start automatically testing millions of username and password combinations to find valid accounts on the targetted website. Many of these cybercriminals then sell these credentials on the black market either to other criminals or providing cheaper access to premium services. The graphical interface and ease of use makes it easier than ever for people without technical skills to gain access to online accounts.


Many features are included with Sentry MBA to enable use in many different situations. Some of these include:

  • OCR support to bypass many types of captchas designed to stop automated login attempts.
  • Use of proxies and socks lists to hide the attackers origin and bypass automatic lockouts when the same IP attempts multiple invalid logins.
  • Proxy analyzer for quick testing and parsing of proxy lists to check which ones are still valid and working.
  • HTTP Debugger to check your configuration is working and test different HTTP requests.

Configuring HTTP Headers

Sentry MBA 1.4.1 - HTTP Header Configuration
Sentry MBA 1.4.1 – HTTP Header Configuration

Under the settings tab you will find the HTTP Header option. This is where you will configure all of the options for GET/POST/HEAD requests, cookies, referer, redirects and more. Some websites for example will block all login attempts unless they have a specific referer or if you have no user-agent set. It is a good idea to use the HTTP debugger in the tools menu to test the response from the server before you start attacking.


Using proxies in Sentry MBA helps bypass certain mechanisms which may lock out all logins by the same IP address once they make a number of invalid login attempts. It also hides the origin of the attacker by masking their own IP.

Sentry MBA 1.4.1 - Proxy Analyzer
Sentry MBA 1.4.1 – Proxy Analyzer

After you added a proxy list you may use the proxy analyzer tool to automate the process of checking and sorting them. With just one click you can tell Sentry MBA to attempt to connect to all proxies in your list. After some time this will display statistics about how many are working, the speed, location, ping and if it supports HTTPS. From here you can use the cleaning options to quickly remove duplicates or non-working proxies.


By downloading this software you agree to not use this tool for any illegal purposes. We take no responsibility for any actions you take or any damages caused.

Download Sentry MBA 1.4.1

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