News & Announcements

The latest news and announcements about our site.


As you can see we have completely changed the layout of the website. This is just the start of our process and we will keep developing and improving our site in the future.

There may be some bugs however we will try and make sure everything is working properly and fix things as quickly as possible. If you find anything broken, have any suggestions or just want to know more then please contact us at [email protected]

New features - It is now possible for you to be part of the community and create an account, share your own passwords and choose which users can view them. View more passwords that others may have added and disabled for guests for example.

In the future we plan to add even more. A points system where you can use your points to purchase special features. Unique badges to unlock and show off. We want to make you feel part of a community and create an awesome place for you. We are not limiting this to just porn passwords. This is only the start!